Z-Best Solutions began as an idea back in 1991 as a resource for the creation & distribution of audio, video and graphics materials for home and small business. The company never really was established as the marketplace was already flooded with similar concepts. A good idea whose timing was too late to turn a profit.

Regardless, the name Z-Best Solutions got traction (at least on mailing lists), and has followed us wherever we've moved...Three states so far. Amazing how persistent those mailing lists are!

My wife and I still do graphics design, audio and video mastering and production, we also do video transfers to DVD...None of this to really make money (we both have day jobs), more as a hobby.

Howsoever, the name Z-Best Solutions endures, and it stands for excellence in everything we do...Be it cards, flyers, VHS to DVD transfers, weddings or corporate videos...We strive to be Z-Best! We're not happy with a project until you are.

We use only the finest materials and state of the art hardware and software to produce results that rival top production companies.

As time progresses, we'll post examples of our work...Not to sell anything, but to share the ideas that have come from our passions. Perhaps you'll see something that triggers your creativity, and everyone will benefit.

Affiliated websites: www.zacknet.com  and  www.z-bestcards.com